we are everything that exists…………..

Below are quotes from Adyashanti’s Retreat talk “Beyond the Realms of Identity” (2015), where “Existential Unity” is part of.

Adyashanti explores how this recognition of unity releases you from clinging to any sense of identification, and how, as the opposites drop away, what remains is only what is.
Whether it’s the farthest galaxy you can see or the next feeling or the next thought.

Quotes from this Video:

  • so the entire universe is my personality
  • everything I see taste, touch, feel is me, but not as an ego
  • you are that feeling just the opposite of what you’d say when you’re trying to get into the witness: I’m not that feeling I’m not that thought
  • you are everything that exists: everything, everything, everything – whether it’s the farthest Galaxy you can see or whether it’s the next feeling or the next thought
  • the key is though that you’re not exclusively identified, so it’s just how life is a rising as a tree, or a blade of grass, or garbage-can
  • there is nothing else that you have to be, as you are already a pure expression of all that is, finally the shoe doesn’t pinch
  • finally you don’t feel like you have anything to defend, you don’t have to be something or somebody
  • you don’t even have to be nobody
  • you don’t have to be awareness as opposed to the world
  • live shows up as awareness
  • life shows up as a flower, as a base, as a seat for sitting in a the body, that you seem to occupy

“Everything I see, touch, taste, feel is me, but not as an ego because an ego is fixed. In this sense, you are the flux and flow of existence. And in that, there is no exclusivity; there’s nothing to be, there’s nothing to defend.”

“I see God in everything, everywhere, but only everything, everywhere. Nothing is outside. There is no otherness to God.”

“When you are what arises, the relationship, the duality collapses. You are no longer in relationship anymore.”

“Ego can survive in the witness consciousness.”

“Every move to achieve unity is a resistance to it.”

“The more fixed we are in relation to life, the more we feel battered by it when it moves.”

“When you are what arises, duality collapses. You’re no longer in relationship anymore.”

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