The egoic self

The voice in our head is often associated with the “egoic self”. It is widely seen as our identity, who we are as a person. Our first and last name is the label, and our physical body is the form through which we play our role on the stage of the space-time continuum. Our biography is the story of how we came into this form, and what observable experiences and achievements were significant in our unique journey in this role we call “the self”.

The natural (true) self

It includes the egoic self, and just about anything that “is”. There isn’t anything that isn’t included in “all-there-is”. The true self doesn’t know any boundaries, no beginning nor end, as it is divine. Some refer to it as consciousness. Our true self is that. We don’t exist separate from that, as we are that. Being that is a unifying experience, that doesn’t know another nor anything that exists separate from that. As that, we are all and all is that. – All the traditions will tell you that it is omnipresence, omniscience, omnipotence (Sailor Bob Adamson).

Transcending the egoic self

Putting the egoic self aside, i.e ceasing to identify with the egoic self, allows the true self to shine through. The true self is always there, even when it is obscured by the egoic (or false) self. One way of dis-identifying with the egoic self is to realize that once the false self is seen, it is seen from the perspective of the true self. Something that is seen as, cannot be the subject that sees. Saint Francis: “What you are looking for is what is looking.” Or, Sailor Bob Adamson: “The patterning and functioning of this body implies that there is a wonderful intelligence expressing through it, as it. And that is actually what you are – that intelligence-energy.”

Falling away of th false self

We all live as and from out true self, wether we know that as such or not. To know it is referred to as “awakening” by some. It means the identification with the false self is seen and recognized as such. Transcending the indentification, or awakening, is letting go of that identification. Practices to do so include meditation: Allowing the identifications to fall away, and experience “being”, i.e. what it is like when there are no identifications as a “thing”, such as a body or a mind. Living unified with and as the divine reveals that there never was anything but the true self.

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